Slouched, slumped, bundled

My Body!

Soaked, dripping wet

Beads of tears and sweat,

A sticky stench clinging to me.

Violent cries hushed to silent wails

As they chocked on my throat,

Squeezing out through my clenched teeth.

I lay a shattered figurine.


Long hours passed before,

The tears dried up,

Lungs welled up,

I slowly stood up.

The mirror, cold blooded;

Staring; with impassive savagery.

Its callous cavernous eyes,

Stripping me with ruthless repugnance.


Bare, battered, and broken,

I say to myself



Stand straight!”

A yelp within.


Can’t let them see!

Can’t let them know!”

Lips stretched – ear to ear, with a steady shiver

Teeth blared – pale fear beneath a fake sneer

Hairs were brushed and cheeks were wiped

And a silent blurt,

“This is happiness”,

I coaxed a farce through my head

And put a bullet through my skull.

Not a single sound escaped.



19 thoughts on “Escape

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  1. Correct me if my interpretation is wrong but, is this about acceptance or peer pressure? Also when you write “they” to whom are you referring to? “This is happiness” and is that supposed to be sarcasm?

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    1. No its open to interpretation. I am just trying to describe the feeling of pain. It could be anything like you said peer pressure, acceptance, domestic violence. I feel each person who has experienced these feelings will relate to it in a different way. As for who “they” are is also subjective. Each person has their own fears. And yeah “this is happiness” sounds more like sarcasm but i was aiming for insanity, when you try to convince yourself that you are happy. But yup sarcasm works.

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  2. Keep setting yourself free poetically ❤️ don’t stop being beautiful you. Pain will always have gain when you push through for your breakthroughs. Blessings 🙏🏼

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  3. Beautiful. 🙂 Very wonderful poem. 🙂

    Just to let you know that I am experiencing problems on my WordPress that are getting worked out. I don’t know if you aren’t seeing my latest posts in your reader or not. But if you can’t, can you unfollow me and refollow me on my new site: Some of my followers had to do that, so my latest posts would show up in their reader. I hope you will. 🙂

    Carly (Message In Stanza)

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