Land Of Stories


Land Of Stories

“Lurking in the dark,

Behind the painted walls of blue,

Hidden from you and me

Inside the stained walls of black……”

Recited Kahaniwala Chacha.

“What Chacha?

What is hidden?”

Inquisitive innocence became of her.

“The World,

Of Fairies and Witches,

The Kingdom,

Of Maharajas and Sultans,

The Jungle,

Of Bhooths and Beasts,

The Love,

Of Princes and Princesses.

Shona, behind those walls is the Land Of Stories.”

Her eyes widened.

Her lips parted.

Magnificent marvel became of her.

“I want stories, I want fables!

I want Princes, Beasts, and Fairies.

I want Land Of Stories.”

She clenched her skirt tight with one,

And pulled at Chacha with all her might.

And Chacha said with a smile,

“Yes, my Shona, anything for you.”

Exploding excitement became of her.

Bound by an exhilarating ecstasy,

She scaled the stairs to the Land Of Stories.

Her eyes sparkled with delight,

Her lips curved into a smile,

She held onto Chacha tight.

Inside the Land Of Stories

In her moment of inexplicable curiosity,

The Kahaniwala Chacha asked her,

“Shona, would you like a lollipop?”

His hands inside his pants.

A silent scream became of her,

A hushed ‘help’ became of her.


*Kahaniwala Chacha- Story teller uncle

*Bhooth                       – Ghosts

*Shona                         – Sweetheart


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