la photographie


la photographie

A world pilfered of movement,

A universe frozen in her sway

All comes to a graceful halt

 And He vaunts, “I arrest Time!”

Sands of hour cease  

Captured in one blissful motion

 Like a ballerina’s adagio.

It pleases his heart.

And He vaunts, “I freeze Beauty!”

He calls it beautiful,

He calls it magnificent,

“Extraordinary” he hollers.

He flaunts his fabulous creation

Judging it, with thoughtless pride.


Mysteriously motionless  

Curiously stirring: It moved

His mind, body, and soul in unison.

An enchanting entrancement;

A reviving reverie within four neat borders.

 One shattering realisation

And his orgulous notions vanish.

And He exclaims,

“I don’t capture,

I don’t freeze,

I neither arrest nor judge.

I am nothing but a mere witness.


*le photographe- The Photographer

**Adagio- In ballet, Adagio refers to slow movement, typically performed with the greatest amount of grace and fluidity than other movements of dance.

4 Comments Add yours

    1. dundappan says:

      I know right. Than you for reading my poem.Truly Honoured.


  1. ddssafpm says:

    this is amazing! i love this poem ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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