A Chaos Of Beautiful Mess


Sit Down, Stay Calm!

Be Gentle, Be Proper!

Speak Precise, Don’t Spam!

Do Not Stir The Water!


Why Chatter When Silence Is Golden!

Be Honest, Be Modest!

Stay Safe, Remain Hidden!

Be Static, Be Elastic!

Do Not Stir The Water!


But She Never Listened, She Never Adhered!

She Was Wild , She Was Proud!

She Spoke Out And She Was Heard!

She Shined Bright, She Shined Loud!


She Stirred The Water;

Sunlight Pierced Through The Rippling Water,

Unfurled The Terabithia That Lay Beyond,

A Chaos Of Beautiful Mess.






* Terabithia- roughly translates to  “Land of the Daughter of God”

**The photograph was clicked using a Micromax A311 mobile cam.






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