“Truth” -as told by his eyes


I looked at him,

All smiles;

Flaunting his joie de vivere.

Radiant and luminous.

But those eyes!

They fail to agree,

To the fables of the lips!

Privy to the intriguing truth;

Cavernous! the eyes behold,


Hiding somewhere,

Deep, Dark and Distant!

Unacknowledged, Unaware and Unable

To Break out!


I have always been fascinated by the beauty that every person’s eyes behold. But underneath all that beauty lies the hidden world of pain. The hidden truth. But sometimes the eyes, they bewray the truth.

This is one of the first pictures I clicked using a proper DSLR  camera. The camera used was a Canon 1200D. People always ask me to click their pictures. So they either smile at the camera or give highly creative candid poses. But very rarely does a photographer come across a true candid. And these ‘candids’ usually have a lot of truth in them. This is one such true candid and I will always be grateful to the beholder of those eyes; not just for this picture but also for the meaning he has brought to my life.



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