“No matter how many times life tries to pull me down.
No matter how many waves
Try to drown me.
I will always have my sister to hold on.”


There is something about this picture that makes me want to cry.

But I wont.

Because, boys don’t cry.  Duh!  Obviously  #Stereotyped

But! To be honest;

My mom and her sister, together, enjoying the sea, relaxed,untroubled by their tensions and responsibilities, recreating those golden days of zappy sisterhood is the best picture I have clicked in a long time.

They are unfazed by what the world thinks of their passing nonchalance to their day-to-day chores. It does not disturb them that there are people staring at their buoyant excitement. They are least bothered by the amount of sand their ‘churidhars’ are collecting.

In that moment the only thought that they are concerned about is to not to let go! Not to let go of your sister’s hand, for that is what is keeping them from drowning in this chaotic sea of life. Their love for each other.  #SisterLove


 *Photo has been taken using a Redmi 3s Prime 13Mp Mobile Camera. Edited



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